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Carving Care

Here are some tips to take care of your new carving to make it looking awesome for years!


  • Let’s be real, it is a log and they tend to crack over the years.  It’s Nature! 

  • If you are putting your new carving inside, do not display it near the fireplace, A/C vent, or as it can dry out the log and cause it to crack even faster


  • Your carving is made of wood, which means it can split, rot, invite insects, or fade

  • Do NOT put your carving directly on the ground or in grass.  Use a solid structure such as a stone , gravel, concrete, or pavers to protect it from moisture in the ground as well as insects

  • If there is a lot of rain in your area, please keep the carving properly sealed as it can become water damaged if water comes in contact with the inside of the carving


  • Most of our carvings are sealed with Minwax Polyurethane, which can be purchased at a local paint or hardware store. 

    • You can buy this in a spray can, or can buy in a paint can and brush on

  • When you identify new cracks, spray or brush on sealer on the surface to avoid further cracking in that area.

    • Do not try to fill the crack with sealer, just coat the surface

  • Sealer comes in a gloss or matte finish, whichever you prefer

  • I recommend sealing your carving every 6 months to keep it protected from natural causes


  • It happens, sorry to say. If your carving is stolen, please contact your local police department

  • If your carving is stolen from your business, send out a notification to the media and get as much free advertising as you can

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